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Can Blogging be profitable?
Let's take a step into replicating what successful bloggers do to monetize their sites

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I am glad I get to help you set up a new income earning venture. Fold up your sleeves and let's go for gold!



Find your niche
Get your domain and hosting
Design your website



Learn and apply SEO to drive in traffic to your site
Get backlinks and credibility



Choose from a variety of monetization strategies such as ads, affiliates, reviews and sales


Using the strategies that have made blogs successful, Here are the top 3 recommended things to do

1. Build your site off a niche based on audience potential – your niche must possess a large audience potential to be able to drive in enough traffic that can help you earn online from your blog

2. Optimize your site using online and offline SEO techniques  – do not only focus on getting oranic traffic from search engines but also work on getting traffic from other sites (backlinks)

3. Monetize your site with the best of monetization programs available – Affiliates, ads, reviews, consulting, sales, there are a lot of methods to earn from your blog



for the best of affiliate tips and strategies for monetizing your blog



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